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Portland Homeowners Contribute To World's Largest Lint Ball

Dryer Vent Wizard of West Portland worked with other Dryer Vent Wizard franchisees across the US and Canada to create the world's largest lint ball! Setting the record at 690 lbs, the lint ball was later burned to demonstrate the dangers of dryer lint. A lint filled dryer vent can lead to a fire, mold growth, or even carbon monoxide poisoning, so it is important to have dryer vents...

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Clogged Lint Trap At An Apartment Complex

Stuffing from a comforter filled the lint trap of this dryer. The tenant burnt his clothes 3 times before the apartment complex called us in to fix the problem. We also found bobby pins from the previous tenant.

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Patchwork Dryer Vent System

This dryer vent system was pieced together using many different elements that need to be replaced with safe, code compliant materials.

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Look Inside A Dirty Dryer Duct

Here's an inside look at a dryer duct in need of cleaning! A lint filled vent can decrease dryer efficiency and promote hazards such as mold growth, carbon monoxide build up, and fires.

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Improper Venting and Clogs Can Lead to Mold Growth

If a dryer vent system is clogged or not venting properly, moisture may get trapped in the vent, allowing mold and mildew to grow and thrive. A damaged or leaking vent may also lead to mold growth in your walls, attic, or crawl space. Professional dryer vent inspection, cleaning, and repair can help you prevent such an occurrence in your home or business.

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